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Okuda Li

Medium: Water Color, Fabric, Acrylic

This collection is a more profoundly development from “The Corruption of A Child’s Dream.” It is a deeper exploration of the principle and the elements in the paintings, it also combines the expression of my passion in my cultures which are Japan and China. The structural patterns and the geometric shapes from the painting remind me of the architectures. I transferred these details into an avant-garde look with the countries characteristics and the techniques elements. The fabrics I used are directly corresponding with the painting, which are neoprene, latex, and the real acrylic pouring samples. I also combined the, shine silk organza and the linen for additional fabrics, to emphasize the traditional culture. The chunky yarn reminds me of the liquid flowing which is like the transition fabric from the historical background to the painting. This collection’s target customers are around the age of 20, it is for all seasons 2019.

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